Holiday Shopping Means More Slip-and-Fall Accidents!

Holiday Shopping Means More Slip-and-Fall Accidents!

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I told you last week how the holiday shopping rush will likely cause more parking lot accidents over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, the holiday season means that more slip-and-fall accidents will result in Los Angeles too.

Slip-and-fall accidents involve an area of law known as premises liability.

Whether you trip on an uneven or dangerous Los Angeles sidewalk, or slip on the wet floor at your local Ralphs, premises liability cases can result in painful injuries that take years to heal.

Property owners typically fight these cases.  Many times these cases boil down to notice: Did the property owner know, or should he/she have known, that there was a dangerous condition or situation on the property that caused you to slip-and-fall?

Examples of dangerous conditions include:

Liquid spills.

Debris on the floor.

Rugs or mats that are not secured.

Uneven flooring, such as a sudden drop or rise in elevation without warning (like a step).

Cluttered aisles blocking clearance space.

Slippery floors.

A property owner has a duty under California law to warn shoppers of a dangerous condition that it knows about.  This explains why you’ll often see a yellow warning sign like the one pictured here.

Slip-and-fall cases often result in litigation to try and determine whether the property owner knew or should have known of any of the above or additional factors that contributed to your Los Angeles slip-and-fall accident.

Stay safe while shopping, and for questions about your Los Angeles slip-and-fall case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!