Make Sure that Green Light is For Your Lane of Traffic!

Make Sure that Green Light is For Your Lane of Traffic!

Driving my daughter to school this morning, I witnessed a close-call on Beverly Boulevard.

I was stopped at the intersection of Beverly and San Vincente.  The left-turning lane to proceed South on San Vincente had a green light, while westbound traffic on Beverly still had a red.

Then, the driver in the lane next to me bolted through the intersection, running the red light.

It was clear that he saw the green left-turn arrow, and assumed that traffic going straight also had a green.  This wasn’t the case, as westbound traffic very clearly still had a red light.

Luckily, there was only one car going in the opposite direction–heading east on Beverly to turn left onto North San Vincente.  That driver was paying full attention, and was able to apply his brakes in time to avoid a nasty collision.

Sometimes, we’re distracted while we’re driving, or not fully paying attention.  We see a green light, and assume that green light is for us.  Sometimes our mind just doesn’t process that the green light is for another lane of traffic.

Nevertheless, running a red light is still running a red light.  Pay close attention to the stoplight!  Make sure your lane of traffic has the green light before proceeding.

This is a lesson I almost learned the hard way!

When I first got my driver license, I was driving in Los Angeles one night, and nearly ran a red light.  I was heading straight, saw a green left-turn signal, and started to go straight through the intersection.

Only the Mercedes’ horn blaring in the adjacent lane caught my attention in time to avert disaster.  I nearly ran the red light, and the consequences could’ve been tragic.  Thank God they weren’t.

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