Parking Lot Accidents Are Increasing During Holiday Season!

Parking Lot Accidents Are Increasing During Holiday Season!

As a Los Angeles accident attorney, I can tell you that parking lot accidents are very common.

Unfortunately, with the holiday shopping rush now upon us, parking lot accidents are on the rise.

While I’ve discussed parking lot accidents in the past, here are some common types of parking lot accidents to keep in mind as you pull into that spot at the Grove or Westfield Century City this holiday season.

Two Drivers reverse into each other.  This is a common scenario when both drivers are backing up at the same time, and are each relying on their back-up cameras.  You know from this blog that your back-up camera is meant to assist you with backing up, but you should still look over your shoulder when reversing out of your parking spot.

Pulling forward out of your spot instead of backing out of it.  A car may be turning into the spot and not expecting to see you proceed forward out of it.  A car that’s already in the traveling lane has the right-of-way, and by pulling out at the last minute, you may collide with the car that has the right-of-way in the traveling lane.

Backing out of a space into another car or pedestrian.  The reversing driver in this scenario is likely at-fault.  Any time you back out of a spot, remember that traffic or pedestrians that are already in the traveling lane have the right-of-way.

Two cars collide while pulling into the same spot.  I was there first! No, I was!  Who’s at-fault here?  The answer depends.  Did one driver make a left-turn into the spot?  Left-turning drivers must always yield to oncoming traffic.  Determining who’s at-fault can be difficult, so be sure to contact an attorney for questions about your particular case.

Rear-end accidents in the parking lot.  Many parking lots have stop signs to mark the exit from the lot onto the street.  Watch out for traffic at or near the stop sign.  In most circumstances, the car that rear-ends another car is responsible for the collision.

And don’t forget to pay attention to distracted pedestrians in the parking lot who may be shlepping their bags, on their phone, or otherwise distracted!

Stay safe during this busy holiday shopping season! For questions about your Los Angeles accident case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!