Pedestrians Crossing Where They’re Not Supposed To. . .

Pedestrians Crossing Where They’re Not Supposed To. .  .

Do you ever encounter a sign like the one pictured, and wonder what it means?

That was a trick question.  Of course you know what it means!

Believe it or not, pedestrians can be held responsible for collisions with cars.  Jaywalking is illegal, and so is crossing where specifically prohibited.

In fact, Vehicle Code Section 21106 says that local cities can enact ordinances prohibiting pedestrians from crossing in particular crosswalks.

Crossing where it’s prohibited is unlawful, and as such, a pedestrian would likely be at-fault in the event of an accident.

Drivers should still look out for pedestrians, who may not be paying full attention or might be distracted on their phones.

You can read more pedestrian safety tips here.

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