Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday Safety Tips

As you know, holiday weekends feature more motorists on the road.  That means the potential for distractions and accidents increases.

Thanksgiving weekend is, according to some, the most heavily-traveled time of the year in America.

If you’re driving to see family or friends, shopping, or just transporting that delicious, piping hot turkey to your neighbor’s house, keep in mind some of the following safety tips.

1. Slow Down Give yourself enough time to arrive at your location.  In fact, give yourself some extra time.  Traffic stresses people out, and stressed-out people make poor decisions behind the wheel.

2. Pay attention in the parking lot.  Holiday shoppers will be swamping malls and retail stores this entire weekend.  People will be distracted, on their phones as they walk, and that car up ahead is probably relying on his backup camera and doesn’t see you.  In short, the parking lot is ground-zero for Thanksgiving weekend car accidents in Los Angeles.

3. Put your phone away.  Enough said.

4. If you drink alcohol. . . make sure you have a designated driver or taxi take you home.  You can even use Uber.

5. Remain Alert for the unexpected.  Keep a safe distance from the ahead of you.  If that driver short-stops because hot turkey gravy spilled everywhere, you’ll have enough room to stop and avoid a collision.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving, and for questions about your case, the Rabbi Lawyer is just one phone call away!