In An Accident With a USPS Mail Truck?

In An Accident With a USPS Mail Truck?

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I was recently asked what happens if a mail truck is responsible for a collision.  How might this case differ from a typical car accident case?

It’s an excellent question.  In the past, I’ve discussed how injury claims brought against the government have different procedural rules.

The same is true for cases against the United States Postal Service.  These cases have unique procedures that must be followed.

The Postal Service is a separate entity within the United States government.  There are extensive regulations found in the Code of Federal Regulations that detail what procedures must be followed in these cases.

For example, an injured plaintiff must first file a claim for injury or death with the Chief Counsel of the United States Postal Service National Tort Center.  This is a designated office in St. Louis that handles all injury and damages cases involving the USPS throughout the country.

The claim for injury or death must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

After the agency reviews the claim, it will either pay the claim, or deny it.  Once the claimant is notified of the denial, he or she then has six months to challenge the denial by filing a lawsuit in federal court.

The case would need to be filed in the federal district where the accident took place.  In Los Angeles, that would be the Central District of California.

Injury lawsuits that are filed against the United States Postal Service must be brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act, which I discussed in this recent post.

Cases involving the USPS can be complicated and beyond the capabilities of a layperson.

Consult with an attorney for questions about your Los Angeles mail truck accident or liability of the United States Postal Service.