Is That a Golf Cart Driving Down Wilshire?

Is That a Golf Cart Driving Down Wilshire?

I have to admit, this one took me by surprise!

While driving my daughter to school this morning, I noticed what looked like a golf cart in the lane next to me.  Actually, my daughter noticed it, and she asked me if it was legal to drive on the street.

Good question, isn’t it?!

Turns out that it wasn’t actually a golf cart, but rather a similar looking apparatus called a “neighborhood electric vehicle“, or “NEV.”  Several local police departments maintain these vehicles in their fleets (like the one pictured), but I had never seen one driven by a civilian on a busy Los Angeles roadway artery.

Neighborhood electric vehicles must be registered with the DMV just like cars.  They also cannot be operated on a roadway with a speed limit above 35 miles per hour.

Similarly, golf carts cannot be driven on a roadway with a speed limit above 25 miles per hour.

Not sure whether it’s a golf cart, or an NEV?  This nifty little checklist from the DMV can probably clarify it for you!

Suffice to say that my daughter’s intuition was probably correct.

Wilshire Boulevard is a heavily-traveled thoroughfare and a Los Angeles icon.  Since the speed limit exceeds 35 miles per hour, it would be illegal to operate an NEV (or golf cart, for that matter) on this city-wide street.

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