Can Motorcyclists Legally Pass on the Right?

Can Motorcyclists Legally Pass on the Right?

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Los Angeles.  In the past, I’ve discussed some common motorcycle accident scenarios in a bid to help prevent accidents.

California is one of the only states to legalize lane-splitting.  But another common maneuver I’ve been witnessing involves motorcyclists passing traffic on the right.

Is it legal?

Probably not.

The Vehicle Code restricts passing other cars on the right.  It also prohibits a driver from departing the “maintraveled” portion of the roadway to do so.

What this means is that it’s probably illegal for motorcyclists to veer to the right to cut around traffic.

Often in the mornings, I see motorcyclists doing this maneuver.  To all who will listen, I say:

Don’t do it!

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