Los Angeles Metro Bus Accidents

Los Angeles Metro Bus Accidents

Many of my friends teasingly ask when they can expect to see the Rabbi Lawyer‘s countenance on the back of the bus advertising my legal services.

While we might be a few years away from that goal, that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss Los Angeles Metro bus accidents and the issues involving them.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a County agency that operates bus and light rail service throughout Los Angeles County.  As such, the Metro is considered a public entity under the California Government Code.

What is the legal significance of this?  It means that if a passenger is hurt while riding the bus, or another driver is involved in an accident with a Metro bus, different procedures must be followed.

It also means that the statute of limitations, or the time limit one has to file a lawsuit, is shorter.  And before filing any lawsuit, a government claim must first be submitted to the Metro.

The complexities of these procedural rules might be beyond the capabilities of a layperson, which is why it’s a great idea to consult with an attorney who has experience with government claims.

For questions about your Los Angeles Metro bus accident case, or for questions involving government claims in general, the Rabbi Lawyer is happy to assist!