Is In-Car Technology Making Us Safer?

Is In-Car Technology Making Us Safer?

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, you know that I’m all for safety.

Whether it’s driverless cars that might eventually prevent accidents, or backup cameras that make reversing your car easier in a crowded parking lot, we can all be thankful for the technological improvements that make driving in this day-and-age much easier than in the past.

But are they making it safer to drive?  And what about other technological advancements, like lane departure warnings that are coming standard on newer vehicle models?

According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, while lane-departure technology is unique and can be effective, it should not replace an engaged driver.

Lane-departure warnings are just that-warnings.  So, a driver can be totally distracted, with the vehicle alerts going haywire, and still get into an accident.  Some vehicle models even allow the driver to turn off the lane departure warnings.

The takeaway is that technology improvements have the ability to improve safety, but it’s up to each and every driver to take action to remain alert and engaged.

In other words, human beings are still required to operate cars with reasonable care and prudence.

Stay safe, and don’t rely on the bells and whistles in your car to do the job for you!

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