Who's At Fault In a "Right-Hook" Bike Accident?

Who's At Fault In a "Right-Hook" Bike Accident?

Bike accidents occur too frequently in Los Angeles.

The City plans on revamping some of the major citywide arteries to expand existing bike lanes, but the reality is that collisions between drivers and cyclists happen way too often.

A common collision scenario involves what’s known as the “right-hook.”

In a right hook accident, a car passes a cyclist who’s in the bike lane, then merges into the bike lane to execute a right turn.  Sometimes the driver will collide with the cyclist with the front of his car; other times, the car basically cuts-off the cyclist, leading the latter to smash into the right-turning vehicle.

Determining who’s at fault for a right hook bike accident in Los Angeles can be tricky.  A lot depends on the time that elapsed between when the driver merged into the turning lane and when the collision occurred.

As you know from a previous post, if a car makes an unsafe lane change and cuts-off the cyclist, the car would likely be at fault for any resulting collision.  Similarly, if a car turns into a cyclist, the same would apply.

On the other hand, if the car had enough room to change lanes, and the cyclist collided with the rear of the car, the cyclist could be liable for the resulting collision.

Drivers should always be mindful of an adjacent bike lane while turning right.  Cyclists should stay focused on the road ahead and keep a safe distance from right-turning cars.

If you’re in a Los Angeles bike accident and are injured, it’s important you discuss your case with an experienced accident attorney who can investigate liability.  A lot of factors could be applicable in your case, so contact an attorney right away to preserve your rights.