Watch Out For Excited Children This Weekend!

Watch Out For Excited Children This Weekend!

As the Rabbi Lawyer, my clients know that I don’t celebrate Halloween.

But as a Los Angeles accident attorney, that doesn’t mean I can’t provide a friendly reminder to everyone else who does.  Especially since recent statistics show that twice as many child pedestrians are killed trick-or-treating in collisions with cars, compared with every other day of the year.

So here are a few safety reminders for pedestrians and drivers.  Parents should remind their children of these important safety tips as soon as possible.  Everyone’s ghoul–er, goal, should be to stay safe this weekend!

For Children

1. Cross the street with an adult.  Children may be excited to run and check out the giant lawn tarantulas across the street, but they should only do so when traffic is clear, and an adult is assisting.

2. Walk on pathways or sidewalks only.  Walking in the street is never a good idea.  Cars aren’t expecting to see pedestrians in the road.  Stay on the designated pathway.

3. Cross only at intersections.  Don’t jaywalk.  If it means walking a couple extra yards to cross at a light, do that instead.  A little exercise might be good while ingesting all that candy!

4. Be visible.  Your child may not want to wear a reflector vest (even though it’s a great idea) over his or her costume.  Pedestrians should use their smartphone flashlights when walking or crossing to make sure drivers see you.

For Adult Drivers:

1. Slow Down.  Children are excited to scope out the neighborhood and all the confectionary delights.  They may dart-out into traffic unpredictably, so slow down while driving in residential neighborhoods.

You can read more pedestrian safety tips here.

Have a great time this weekend!