Santa Ana Winds Mean More Traffic Hazards

Santa Ana Winds Mean More Traffic Hazards

This morning during your commute, you probably noticed tree branches and debris on the streets of Los Angeles.

That’s because powerful winds have swept across the Southland, downing trees, power lines, and causing heavy damage throughout Southern California.

Experts say that the Santa Ana Winds will cause more damage before they pass.  Here are some safety tips you can follow until they do, courtesy of a Los Angeles accident lawyer.

Slow Down

News reports say that winds as high as 60 miles per hour may come and go over the next few days.  High winds can cause you to lose control of your car, especially at high speeds.  Slow down and remain alert.

Watch Out For Road Debris

As the photo above shows, many tree-lined streets in Los Angeles are susceptible to falling-branches, and a buildup of debris blocking traffic.  Keep a lookout for large branches that may be blocking your path.  If you see one, call the Department of Transportation at 3-1-1- to report it.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

High winds can leave your windshield full of dust and cause visibility issues.  Use your windshield wipers and fluid to keep the windshield squeaky clean so you can see ahead of you.

Stay safe as you navigate across LA!