Who’s At Fault In A Los Angeles Sideswipe Collision?

Who’s At Fault In A Los Angeles Sideswipe Collision?

As a Los Angeles accident attorney, clients frequently ask me who’s at fault in their Los Angeles accident case when one car sideswipes, or “T-bones” the other.

Many people assume that the car that collides into the other is responsible.  That might be correct in some circumstances, but not always.

For example, many intersections in Los Angeles prohibit left-turns at peak travel times, like between 4PM and 7PM.  If a car breaks this rule and turns left, and is hit by a car traveling straight in the other direction, the left-turning driver would most likely be at fault.

Similarly, a left-turning car must always yield to oncoming traffic.  My office recently signed up a new case where a van driver tried to make a quick left turn, but was sideswiped at a very high-rate of speed by my client who had the right-of-way going straight.  The left-turning van driver was completely at fault for failing to yield, and my client suffered very bad injuries because of her negligence.

Sideswipes are also common when drivers speed up trying to beat-the-light.  That’s always a bad idea, and so is backing out of a driveway too quickly and sideswiping a car that has the right-of-way traveling on the street.

Sideswipe accidents, like most others, can cause serious injuries.  As you can tell, every scenario is different, and you should discuss the particulars of your Los Angeles sideswipe accident with an attorney as soon as possible.

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