An Overview of Your Los Angeles Sidewalk Case

An Overview of Your Los Angeles Sidewalk Case

Cracked, uneven sidewalks.  Roller-coaster like hills and raised slabs of concrete that can destroy your walking equilibrium in a split-second.

We all know how Los Angeles has hundreds of miles of sidewalks that are in serious disrepair.  Walking on many of these sidewalks can be terrifying.  You don’t need to go too far in LA to notice broken concrete that can cause serious injuries to you or your family.

Trip-and-fall cases involving uneven sidewalks are among the most challenging.  That’s because many factors play into your Los Angeles sidewalk trip-and-fall case.

One key factor has to do with notice.  In other words, did the City know that there was a dangerous condition on its property?  Did other people complain about a particular trouble spot along the sidewalk that was foreseeable to cause injuries?

Another issue might involve ownership of the property adjacent to the dangerous sidewalk.  Adjacent homeowners might be responsible for causing the concrete slabs to lift.  Los Angeles requires homeowners to maintain the sidewalk in front of their homes.

In many situations, City-owned trees cause damage to the sidewalk with their gargantuan tree roots.

Often, the answers to these important questions can only be answered through litigation.  Your attorney will need to strategically determine who owns the sidewalk, and whether that owner knew or should have known that a dangerous portion of it was likely to cause your injuries.

Sidewalk cases that involve the City have different procedures that must be followed too.  A claim must be presented to the City before filing a lawsuit in court.  Other factors might be applicable in your case, and you should discuss those with your attorney.

Trip-and-falls on a Los Angeles sidewalk can cause devastating injuries.  Besides for the usual scrapes, bruises, and abrasions, I’ve seen in my practice broken bones and fractures that required emergency surgery and the implantation of hardware like pins and screws.

If you see a sidewalk that needs repair, do someone else a favor and report it the City of Los Angeles.

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