California's Drag Racing Laws

California's Drag Racing Laws

As an attorney who handles car accident cases in Los Angeles, I come across news stories showcasing unbelievably idiotic behavior on our roads.

Some of you might recall how last month, a Qatari prince drag raced his Ferrari down the tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills.  Videos of his smoked-out machine went viral, but not before he fled the country.

And earlier this year, a Chatsworth street race turned deadly when a souped-up Mustang lost control and plowed into the crowd, killing two onlookers.  Two men were charged with murder in that case.

Besides for being incredibly dangerous and showing a callous disregard for innocent lives, what is the law in California regarding drag racing?

Vehicle Code 23109 makes it illegal for anyone to engage in a motor vehicle speed contest.  The Rule also applies to spectators, and strict penalties, including jail time, are outlined in that Code section.

As I’ve discussed previously, you don’t even need to be behind the wheel to be liable.  Merely sitting in the passenger seat and encouraging the driver to drive recklessly can also make you liable.

Never participate in speed contests, and if you witness someone else doing so, call 911 immediately.  You could save someone’s life.

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