Don’t Weave While Riding Your Bike!

Don’t Weave While Riding Your Bike!

As a Los Angeles accident attorney who handles bicycle accidents, I’ve come to discover common bike accident scenarios.

One of them involves cyclists who weave in and out of traffic.

Just recently, as I was driving around Hancock Park, I saw a teenager riding his bike on the street.  Besides for his glaring lack of a helmet, this boy was weaving in and out of traffic, oblivious to the three cars who had to swerve to avoid hitting him!

I saw all this unfold before my eyes, and was particularly concerned how the teenager just continued riding as if he didn’t almost cause several serious collisions.

If you’re riding your bike, cars have to give you three feet of clearance when passing.  If conditions are unclear for a cyclist to stay to the right of traffic, cyclists are allowed to take up a whole lane (but that’s a topic for another day).

Cyclists: While cars have to give you three feet, remember that they can’t effectively do so if you ride unpredictably and weave to and fro!

When it’s car versus bike, car always wins!  Ride in a straight line, and you can drastically reduce your chances of being hit by a passing motorist.

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