Why Won’t Any Attorney Take My Case?

Why Won’t Any Attorney Take My Case?

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, sometimes clients will ask me why previous attorneys they spoke to wouldn’t take their accident case.

Clients often feel insulted by these previous attorneys’ lack of finesse.  Clients are at least entitled to know why an attorney will not take their case!

Without knowing all the factors that went into a previous lawyer’s analysis as to whether to accept the case, the most common reason I’ve seen is that the case was too small for that attorney to handle.

I’ve discussed this issue before, and what I said then still holds true.  It’s worth calling an attorney even if you’re in a minor accident.

Sometimes clients present cases that are not supported by the law or the facts.  In every accident, liability must be proven before any damages are recovered.  No liability means no money.

In other cases, liability can be established, but damages may be too low.

Our culture has become inundated with news of huge verdicts and settlements for accident victims.  The newspapers report these kinds of stories every day.

But here’s the reality:  Most accident cases don’t produce the kinds of devastating injuries that we read about in the newspaper.  There’s a reason not every fender bender is reported in the news–because they’re so common!

Many attorneys just don’t want to deal with smaller cases.  The big-name law firms that handle oil spills and environmental catastrophes probably don’t want your 405 accident case.

I’ll take it instead!

Just because car accidents are so common doesn’t mean you should get the run-around from another attorney, or that you’re not entitled to an experienced advocate in your corner!

Whether your case is big or small, the Rabbi Lawyer can handle them all!

Give my office a call and I’d be happy to answer your questions about your Los Angeles accident case.