Drive Like Your Kids Live Here!

Drive Like Your Kids Live Here!

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’m always looking for ways to help educate people on how to prevent accidents.

In the past, I’ve discussed other organizations that offer helpful information in this regard.

I’ve also given shout-out to locals who are helping to increase safety awareness in our community.

As I drive around Los Angeles, I’m noticing more and more yard signs like the one pictured here.  The signs piqued my curiosity and introduced me to another organization.  As you might guess, it’s called “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here.”

The organization’s homepage has some scary statistics.  Did you know that approximately 500 children are injured every day across the country in motor vehicle accidents?  Worse, children are killed every day by cars.

You can order a sign for your yard by visiting this website.  I plan to do the same to spread awareness that might save another child’s life.

Together, we can successfully promote child safety for our community.