Hit By A Food Truck In Los Angeles?

Hit By A Food Truck In Los Angeles?

Wilshire Boulevard.

It’s one of the City’s most popular thoroughfares and tourist attractions.  And every day at lunch time it transforms into a vast outdoor restaurant where workers and shoppers can choose from dozens of food trucks parked along the corridor.

But what happens when one of these food trucks causes an accident?  How is a case like this typically handled?

Food trucks have to obey the law like everyone else.  That means a food truck driver has to remain alert, not speed or drive dangerously, and not follow the car ahead too closely.  These are common accident scenarios.

Food trucks often venture into residential areas of Los Angeles to offer food and beverage services to construction workers in the neighborhood.  Many times these food trucks are double-parked.

That’s a no-no!  When offering their services to local workers, food trucks are supposed to pull over and park so as not to hold up traffic or cause other traffic hazards.  Drivers are usually not expecting to see a huge truck stopped in the middle of the road, regardless of whether that truck offers quick and needed refreshments.

Another issue that may arise with food truck accidents involves vicarious liability.

Many sit-down, brick-and-mortar restaurants maintain food trucks to venture out beyond the restaurant’s four walls to offer food to customers.  When this is the case, the establishment may be vicariously liable for the driver’s negligence.  In the law, this is known as “respondeat superior.”  

Food trucks are part of the uniqueness of Los Angeles’ urban culture.  But that does not absolve drivers from being careless or inattentive.

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