Back-Up Accidents Are On the Rise

Back-Up Accidents Are On the Rise

Did you know that back-up accidents are on the rise?

It might seem counterintuitive with the advent of back-up cameras.  More and more cars come equipped with back-up cameras now, and in 2018, all new cars will be required to come standard with this important safety feature.

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve discussed this issue before, but it’s an important one that bears repeating.

Relying exclusively on your back-up camera while reversing your car is a bad idea.  The camera should assist you with backing-up.  It shouldn’t replace the other important safety techniques one should use before and during the reversing process.

These include doing a walk-around the back of your car to make sure there are no objects or debris behind your car or under your rear tires, as well as looking over your shoulder as you back-up.

Many larger cars have multiple blind spots that back-up cameras don’t catch.  Back-up cameras also do not capture the periphery of a vehicle.  What if a car is speeding down your cul-de-sac as you begin backing up?  That’s one reason why looking over your shoulder is imperative.

Doing the walk-around is equally important.  A back-up camera will not necessarily capture objects that rest underneath the camera’s line of sight. According to the organization Kids and Cars, each year, hundreds of children are accidentally killed or injured in back-up accidents.

Back-up accidents are common in parking lots.  I have experience handling parking lot accidents, and they can cause painful injuries despite the slower speeds.

Back-up cameras are an important technological tool.  When used correctly, they can minimize property damage and prevent accidents.

But it’s a bad idea to rely on the camera screen while backing up, instead of looking over your shoulder.

Stay safe, and for questions about your case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist.