Injured on Private Property?

Injured on Private Property?

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, some of my cases involve clients who are injured on private property.

How are these kinds of cases typically handled?  How do they differ from other types of accidents?

When someone is injured on private property, the first step is evaluating what caused the injury.

Did the property owner allow a dangerous condition to go unrepaired?  Was there something on the property that was reasonably foreseeable to cause the slip-and-fall injuries?  Did the property owner know about the dangerous condition?

My office recently handled a case where a client tripped and fell in her neighbor’s backyard, breaking her shoulder in the process.  We discovered that the client tripped on a misplaced brick that the property owner knew about for many months.  My client had to be rushed to the hospital on Shabbat.

The homeowner later did the necessary repairs, which took 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, he didn’t do these repairs until after my client broke her shoulder.

The homeowner’s insurance policy paid for my client’s injuries, and her significant pain and suffering.  Did the owner’s premiums increase?  Probably! But that’s a small price to pay for my client’s broken shoulder and associated pain.

Homeowner’s insurance will usually cover negligence of the homeowner and anyone living in the household.  That includes the family dog, and also negligent acts that may be committed outside of the house.  I hope to explain more details of homeowner’s insurance in another post.

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