Car Accident Deaths Increasing Nationwide (So Stop Texting!)

Car Accident Deaths Increasing Nationwide (So Stop Texting!)

Yesterday, I read a troubling report about car accident deaths in America.

They are on the rise across the country, according to the nonprofit National Safety Council.

Over 18,000 people lost their lives this year in traffic accidents.  During the same time period in 2014, that number was closer to 16,000.  Besides for the value of lost human life, which is priceless, these accidents have cost over $150 billion.

Can you guess the cause of the increase in accidents?  You guessed right if you said cellphone use.

As the Rabbi Lawyer and Los Angeles car accident attorney, I’ve undertaken my own study of distracted drivers I notice every time I drive my daughter to school or go shopping for my wife.  Here are my top 5 distractions:

1. Drivers texting while driving.

2. Drivers texting while driving.

3. Drivers staring down at their phones while driving.  They’re probably texting too.

4. Drivers clutching their phones while they talk, instead of using the hands-free option.

5. Drivers applying makeup or otherwise grooming themselves.

As you can tell,  texting and cellphone use dominates the top 5 list of distractions.  I’ve discussed the legality of cellphone use while driving in a previous post, which you can read here.

Let’s hope these numbers serve as a wakeup call.  Put your phone down when you’re driving.  Or else, someone might hire me.