Slow Down When Exiting The Alley!

Slow Down When Exiting The Alley!

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I try and educate my clients and friends on ways to prevent accidents.  

This afternoon, I walked to a local store to buy some last minute ingredients for tonight’s Shabbat dinner.  As I began walking home, I approached an alley, and almost got hit by an SUV.  The driver was clearly not paying attention and failed to yield the right-of-way.

Drivers should be extra cautious while exiting an alley.  Collisions frequently occur when drivers exit the alley too fast. 

Turning left out of an alley is a difficult maneuver when visibility is obstructed by parked cars or shrubbery on both sides.  Many times, the left-turning driver doesn’t see a car approaching from the right until it’s too late.

The Vehicle Code requires drivers exiting the alley to yield to traffic already driving on the street.  Drivers also have to yield to pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

How many times have you seen a car racing through the alley, only to pull out too far as the driver attempts to merge into traffic?  What if a bicyclist or pedestrian is approaching on the sidewalk?

I witnessed this scenario today, and that pedestrian was me.  Things could’ve ended badly.

Drivers must stop before they reach the sidewalk.  Period.

And remember that one should never drive any faster than 15 mph in an alley.  

Please be extra vigilant while exiting the alley.  You could save a life.