Never Give A Recorded Statement After An Accident!

Never Give A Recorded Statement After An Accident!

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, clients frequently contact me in the aftermath of a car accident.  Whether it’s a minor accident, or a more serious one, G-d forbid, an issue that often arises involves the giving of a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance carrier.

After each party involved in an accident reports the accident to his or her insurance company, the case is assigned to an adjuster.  The adjuster will reach out to the other driver  and will ask to take his or her recorded statement.

Too many people acquiesce and follow the adjuster’s lead, allowing the adverse insurance company to record their statement.  This often causes serious damage to an otherwise valid personal injury claim.

My advice to whoever will listen:  Don’t Do It!!

The insurance adjuster may be friendly and cordial, and may express concern about your health following the accident.  Do not allow the adjuster’s deceptive ploy of friendliness distract you.  The only purpose the adjuster wants to talk to you is to find a way to minimize your claim, or outright deny it.

Adjusters are trained in investigation and they know how to frame the narrative in a way that benefits the insurance company.  There is no law that requires the adjuster to take your recorded statement, despite what he or she may tell you.  The adjuster wants to shut your case down before it becomes a burden on the insurance company.  The insurance company wants to pay you nothing.

In the days after an accident, your injuries may not be as bad as you think—car accident injuries can take time to manifest themselves.  Insurance companies are notorious for using the recorded statement to argue that the symptoms you may complain of months later were not present when they interviewed you, so you must be lying about your injuries.

This deceptive tactic works too often.   Insurance companies use the recorded statement as a shield against their liability.  The solution?

Do Not Arm Your Adversaries!  Do Not Give A Recorded Statement!

If you’re in an accident, get a powerful sword on your side that can penetrate the insurance company’s shields!

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