How Much Money Can You Get Me?

How Much Money Can You Get Me?

Whenever I sign up a new client as a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, at some point in the conversation I’ll be asked how much money I can recover for the client.

It’s a fair question.  Being injured in an accident is stressful and painful.  Missing time from work is unfair, and undergoing medical treatment is necessary but can be inconvenient.  Clients want to know what’s waiting at the end of the tunnel.

I always tell my clients that I cannot answer this question with certainty.  Yes, I’m the Rabbi Lawyer; no, I’m not a prophet!

There are many factors that go into a personal injury case.  The first challenge is proving liability.  Did the driver who hit you violate the law?

Sometimes insurance companies deny liability.  They’ll say the accident was your fault, not their insured driver’s fault.  Other times, the insurance company will accept liability, but will contest the dollar amount of the claim.  The value of the claim will also depend on how much damage was incurred.

Let’s say the other driver is at fault.  The next challenge is determining how much insurance coverage that driver maintains.  If it’s only $15,000 (the minimum required under California law), a client’s ability to recover more than $15,000 may be limited unless other factors are applicable.

Occasionally I’ll receive an inquiry from a potential client telling me that “so-and-so Attorney guarantees he can get me X amount of money for my case.”

In this situation, I must gently inform this potential client that unless that other attorney is blessed with mystical powers, there’s no such thing as a guarantee.

There are ways to approximate how much a client may receive at the conclusion of the case.  Based on my experience, I might predict the range of available compensation that will be on the table based on my client’s injuries.  But I would never provide a guarantee, because there’s no such thing as exact certainty when it comes to a personal injury case.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is, well, not the Rabbi Lawyer!

Remember that insurance companies take advantage of people left and right.

Don’t let them do it to you!  Call my office!

I always offer free consultations and would be happy to give you one too.