Why You Should Call An Attorney Even If You're In A Minor Accident

Why You Should Call An Attorney Even If You're In A Minor Accident

I’d like to share a recent case I handled as a Los Angeles car accident attorney.  The case involved Aviva, a nursery school teacher who was nine months pregnant when she was hit by an inattentive driver.

About two blocks from her house, Aviva was driving her minivan at a normal speed, when a young woman unexpectedly sped out of her driveway in reverse at an unsafe speed.  Aviva honked–but it was too late.  The reversing driver broadsided Aviva’s minivan.  The photo included with this post shows the damage to Aviva’s van.

She was shaken up.  A helpful witness brought her a glass of water.  Thankfully, her baby was unharmed.   

The reversing driver acknowledged fault.  The driver admitted that her radio was too loud, so she didn’t hear Aviva honking.  She also admitted that she was relying on her backup camera, so she didn’t see Aviva approaching from the periphery.  

That’s always a bad idea, and you know what I have to say about that!

Aviva knew me from the community, but she didn’t think her case was worth my time.  She thought it was “too small and unimportant” for a lawyer to get involved.  

I assured her that taking her case would be my pleasure.  

Aviva needed medical treatment for her neck and back pain.  After a few months of treatment, I was able to negotiate a very fair settlement for her.  She was incredibly thankful for getting her the compensation she deserved.

The moral of the story–if you’re in an accident, call a lawyer!  

Just because you think your case is small and worth much less than $ 1 million doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire an attorney.  Going up against an insurance company requires unique skill and tough negotiation skills.  Do not expect the insurance companies to treat you fairly.

So please call a lawyer about your case, even if you think it’s a small one.

In fact–do better than that: call the Rabbi Lawyer!