Motorcycle Lane-Splitting To Be Legalized

Motorcycle Lane-Splitting To Be Legalized

A few weeks ago, the California State Legislature moved ahead with its plan to formally legalize motorcycle lane-splitting.  

Lane-splitting is when motorcyclists travel between cars, usually when vehicle traffic is stopped or traveling at slower speeds.  Motorcycle riders swear by it–but motorists hate it.

Until now, lane-splitting has been tolerated by law enforcement here in the state. At one point, the practice was even sanctioned by the California Highway Patrol, although reference material discussing this issue has been removed from the CHP’s website.  Other states may soon follow California’s example and legalize the practice.  

Among other portions of the proposed lane-splitting law, motorcyclists will be allowed to lane-split up to 15 miles per hour faster than adjacent traffic. It would be illegal to lane-split above 50 miles per hour.

I tell my clients to always watch out for motorcyclists enjoying the sunny SoCal climate.  Always check your blind spots when changing lanes, especially where there’s traffic.

Left-turns are also a frequent source of motorcycle collisions. Approaching vehicle traffic may be clear, but an approaching motorcyclist might be obstructed from view while he or she is splitting the lane.

Share the road, be safe, and call your Los Angeles car accident lawyer for questions about your case. 421046519_78616983c4_o