Three Killed In PCH Crash

Three Killed In PCH Crash

Three people were killed early this morning when a speeding Mercedes lost control and collided head-on with an oncoming Honda on PCH. The crash and investigation shut down portions of Pacific Coast Highway near Point Mugu in Ventura County.

A witness reported that the Mercedes driver had been speeding just before losing control. The collision was so violent that one of the cars was severed in half. The Los Angeles Times reports that one of the drivers may have been ejected, which is why the Coast Guard was also offering emergency services at the scene. Both drivers and one passenger were killed in the collision.

Last month we discussed another deadly crash on PCH. That accident involved actor Bruce Jenner, who initially claimed that he was rear-ended by another car. Authorities now believe that Jenner actually initiated that three-car pileup which claimed one woman’s life.

Pacific Coast Highway can be a lot of fun to drive, especially when there’s no traffic, and one can enjoy the crisp ocean breeze. But drivers should remember that PCH is not a racetrack, and all it takes is one second to lose control and transform a speeding car into a speeding bullet. Three people are now dead because one driver made this costly mistake.

If you are the victim of a careless driver on PCH or any other Southern California highway or street, call your Los Angeles car accident attorney without delay.