Crash Victim Attacks Other Driver

Crash Victim Attacks Other Driver

The quiet, still night was pierced early this morning in Brea, California, when Garrett Martin, driving eastbound, collided with a pickup truck driver who bolted into the intersection unexpectedly. The pickup driver was thrown from the vehicle, but things got even uglier.

Martin exited his car and physically attacked the pickup driver. He was eventually subdued with pepper spray by a concerned citizen driving by the scene. Brea Police took Martin into custody a short while later.

Car accidents can unlease a surge of raw emotions. Whether you’re at fault or not, it’s important to try and contain these emotions. Let’s suppose Martin may have been injured in the collision. How sympathetic might he be to a jury when it learns that the first thought on his mind after the accident was revenge and retribution?

Always call 911 after an accident. Many law enforcement agencies will not visit the scene of an accident if nobody is injured, but that shouldn’t stop you from calling emergency services.

If you suspect the other driver may have vengeance on his mind, or may be under the influence, protect yourself! Wait in your car until police arrive.

Then call me!